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...the road to the ultimate journey; the reason; the answer to why we are all here; to discover the truth to our existence; to find the way to achieve our purpose; to succeed in our limited time on this plane and grow in Spirit and Wisdom, which is our ultimate journey. WisdomGate, the door that when opened, will lead to the place of ultimate discovery; to a place filled with peace where the Soul reigns above all things; where the development of your Soul becomes your greatest happiness; where your existence takes on a brand new excitement in waking each day in the Wisdom of gratefulness and the Wisdom of purpose; the understanding that we are the architects of each and every day of our lives; that we have the power to be happy by the choices we make; that a positive thought creates inner strength and a positive outcome; that kindness, that takes but a moment, could save a life of one deep in sorrow; that the compassion that we show others today might be the compassion we wish for tomorrow...



...is the path to unite in acquiring and sharing Wisdom through messages that will bring awareness and knowledge of self-empowerment and decision to those who receive it. The road to the ultimate journey is waiting for each and every one of us with the simple understanding that the mission is that of our Soul to earn the key that opens the Gate for our ultimate journey. We can only open the Gate when we have achieved the Wisdom of the true meaning of life; that Wisdom makes us kind, loving, compassionate, grateful, understanding, quiet, and peaceful; that we do control our lives by our thoughts and actions, and our tomorrow depends on our today; that the development of our Souls is the direct result of the Wisdom we have achieved; that with Wisdom, we become aware that we are all one and that there is no place for prejudice, hatred, jealousy or envy, which are emotions filled with darkness, ignorance and loneliness, the opposite of Wisdom. WisdomGate, the road to the ultimate journey, will embark on a mission of messages to enhance everyday life with the knowledge and peace of knowing that we truly control our destinies by our thoughts, actions and deeds.


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